Good, formally known as the Harper-Ekdale house, is a beautiful stone home from the 1850's being brought back to life for the sake of food, drinks, and connections.

We have spent one year planning every detail of our rehabilitation, concept and launch. It hasn’t been a quick or straightforward process but we are so pleased now to be able to share not only what we offer now but all that this house has offered for the past 177 years.



Good, aka the Harper-Ekdale house has a long, fun history.

We put together a whole timeline of the house that we’d love for you to check out in person but here are some fun popcorn facts:

  • In 1842, our lot sold for $5. Ten years later, the house you see today was being completed.

  • The house was built by Turton J and Joshua Copp, a uncle and nephew outfit.

  • We get our name from the Harpers and the folks they married. The home stayed in the Harper and Ekdale family for more than 80 years.

  • We have an ice house in our backyard! Chunks of ice were cut from the Mississippi River and carried 3 blocks up the hill to be stored in the tri-level ice house. When you walk inside, you can still feel the temperature drop.

  • During restoration, our crew found an envelope of photos and records which assisted in our research and provided many of the old photos you see here today.


tHE REstoration

Knowing you really like an old house and then making that really old house into a restaurant are two totally different things.

The task proved mammoth but not impossible. Thankfully, the Harper-Ekdale home, though nearing 180 years of age had some good old bones. We just needed to give it a little TLC and bring back it’s former glory. With the skill and expertise of Higdon Construction LLC., we began demo on Good on December 14th 2018 and completed our restoration process about 9 months later at the end of August 2019. Major projects included turning the sun room into our commercial kitchen—offering guests outdoors a unique experience of viewing the culinary team at work. Another major change we made was turning the dining room into our bar area, adding a “copper” ceiling, lighting, a custom bar and paint job all while keeping trademarks of the house, such as the textured walls and 1910’s radiator.

Check out the slideshow below for some “before” images of Good.




So what is Good?

Well, we’re obviously all about good food, good friends and good times. But more than that, we’re about peace. We’re about feeling at home. We’re about something for everyone. That means having a reading nook upstairs. It means having craft mocktails, not just cocktails. It means having all your favorite board games in the lounge, not just “the basics”. It means offering vegan and vegetarian options and it means that every single nook and cranny of this place has it’s own unique vibe and personality so that every time you visit, you feel like you can find something new to enjoy and explore. We invite you into our space, our restaurant, our “home”. Have a Good morning with us and enjoy brunch. Come back for a unique dinner and some board games for a real Good night. Rinse. Repeat. See you there.